American Economic & Social Review American, Economic, Social Review, American Economic Social Review en-US (Managing Editor) (Administrator) Sat, 17 Nov 2018 02:42:35 +0600 OJS 60 Operations of Street Food Vendors and Their Impact on Sustainable Life in Rural Nigeria <p>In recent times, street food vending has become source of livelihood to some urban dwellers and has offered economic benefits to vendors and nutritious foods for the urban dwellers, especially in developing countries. The aim of this study is to investigate the operations and existence of street food vending in Nsukka urban area and examine its effects on sustainable life.. Demographic profiles of vendors, their food safety knowledge, constraints in proper handling practices, the emergence of street food vending, its socioeconomic impact, nature and problems facing street food vendors and their impact on sustainable life were assessed using a closed ended questionnaire. It was found that street food vendors have existed in Nsukka urban area overtime and their emergence was consequent upon the quest for a better life. Also, street food vending has impacted positively on sustainable life in the area through being a source of employment and provision of essential services to the dwellers.</p> <p><em>&nbsp;</em></p> Richardson Kojo Edeme, Nkalu, C. Nkalu ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sat, 17 Nov 2018 02:40:41 +0600 Nigerian Elite and the Culture of Primitive Accumulation <p>Nigeria is endowed with vast human and material resources to engender development but it still continues to luxuriate within the confines of a top speed in reverse to oblivion. As its relics, neocolonialism has given birth to industrialization, urbanization and militarization of the political process which generally has created “sudden billionaires” on one end of the ladder (elected or appointed public officials) and extremely poor masses (unemployed graduates and depressed masses) at the other end of the ladder. This paper basically exposes the developmental retrogressive outlooks of the masses due to primitive capitalist accumulation by the few elites who have piloted the affairs of the nation<em>. </em></p> Stanley Edebiri Egharevba, Friday Osaru Ovenseri-Ogbomo ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sat, 01 Dec 2018 05:19:52 +0600 The Dynamics of Exports and Economic Growth: Assessing the Evidence from Nigeria <p>The paper empirically examines the dynamics of exports and economic growth in Nigeria using time series data for 1970 to 2017. The Vector autoregressive model (VAR) was used to investigate the long run and short run relationship between exports and economic growth as well as some selected variables. The result shows that there exists a stable long run relationship among economic growth, exports, capital expenditure on education and social services. Also, the Granger causality results reveal that export Granger causes economic growth and not the other way round. This means that an increase in economic growth may result from increase in export, but increase in economic growth does not necessarily lead to increase in exports. The Impulse Response Function (IRF) shows that a one standard innovation in exports will lead to permanent positive impact on economic growth in Nigeria. This therefore supports the exports led growth hypothesis for Nigeria.</p> Clement A.U. Ighodaro, Ovenseri-Ogbomo F. O. ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sat, 01 Dec 2018 05:32:15 +0600