An Empirical Research on Beximco Knitting Ltd: Ratio, DuPont, Valuation and Pro-Forma Analysis

  • K. M. Anwarul Islam Asscociate Professor, Department of Business Administration, The Millennium University, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Keywords: Beximco Knitting Ltd, Ratio, DuPont, Va luation, Pro - Forma.


Beximco Knitting Ltd belongs to the Textile Industry. This paper examines some ratio analysis that showed the overall internal liquidity position of the company, that is not satisfactory; because of the entire ratio performance is not good, operating efficiency ratio is not good, indicates that lower efficiency generate capacity in terms of sale, debt-equity ratio is increasing overtime in order to employ the more debt financing as long-term borrowing compare to the equity financing, which make the firm more risky. Beximco Knitting Ltd is more sensitive to leverage compare to net profit margin and Asset turnover Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Model is using for valuation of the Beximco Knitting Ltd‘s prospective analysis. Forecasting the cash flow we have to use 2016-2017 as the base year of foresting cash flow for 2018-2020.The terminal growth rate of free cash flow is 2% and the present value of free cash flow is arrived using the 'Exit Multiple' model.Free cash flow to equity is discounted 10.77% to arrive at an estimated present value of free cash flows available to equity (debt and equity holders as a group), which is also known as Enterprise Value. Equity value per share (142.07) on the other hand, the market price of Beximco Knitting is 47.5tk per share, which indicates the share price is undervalued. Under pro-forma analysis we find out that all items of the financial statement is improving based on the assumption, but as investor‘s perspective we think investing in that company is not beneficial over the long run.Because the company can‘t earn positive return until 2020. Findings of the artcle are to really negative signs in accordance the investor‘s perspective, because its earnings per share are not attractive as much to invest.


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Islam, K. M. A. (2017). An Empirical Research on Beximco Knitting Ltd: Ratio, DuPont, Valuation and Pro-Forma Analysis. Indian Journal of Finance and Banking, 1(1), 1-7.
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