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Vol 5 No 1 (2020)
Published: 2020-01-22


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American International Journal of Social Science Research

American International Journal of Social Science Research (AIJSSR) is an international, double-blind peer-reviewed journal for social science academics.
The AIJSSR aims to provide platform for high quality research related to Social Science Research.

The subject areas that is relevant to journal scope include:

  • Urban
  • Geography
  • Spatial
  • Education
  • Geography
  • History
  • Law
  • Linguistics
  • Sustainability
  • Management Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Child Development
  • Curriculum
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Philosophies of Education
  • Educational Approaches
  • Action Learning
  • Educational Learning
  • Self-Managed Learning
  • Work-Based Learning
  • Organizational Learning
  • Experiential Learning
  • Social Learning
  • Higher Education
  • Special Education
  • Educational Technology
  • Administration
  • Evaluation
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Educational Theory
  • Policy and Practice
  • Educational Psychology
  • Educational Technology
  • Sociology of Education
  • Language Teaching
  • Sports Pedagogy
  • Educational Administration
  • Language Education
  • Teacher Education
  • Educational Technology
  • Business Education
  • Medical Education
  • Sociology of Education
  • Social Context of Education
  • Curriculum Studies
  • Resource Quality
  • Quantity and Sustainability
  • Spill Prevention and Management
  • Waste Treatment and Disposal
  • Water and Energy Related Issues
  • Climate Change
  • Learning Strategies
  • Resource Management
  • Land Use
  • Environmental and Ecological
  • Other Regional Related Topics
  • Interventions for Children
  • Youths and Families
  • Disability Study and Practice
  • Health Social Work
  • Gerontology Policy and Practice
  • Mental Health
  • Work Stress
  • Criminal Justice
  • Theory of Education
  • Knowledge Management
  • Training and Development
  • Psychology Development
  • Attitude Development
  • Organization Development
  • Human Resource Management
  • Human Capital Development
  • Sociological Development
  • Theoretical Linguistics
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Remediation of Contaminated Sites
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Legislation
  • Environmental Policies and Politics
  • Environmental Systems
  • Improved Energy Efficiency
  • Ecology and Sustainable Development
  • Waste and Water Management
  • Renewable and Sustainable Energy
  • Environmental Technologies
  • Sustainable Land Development
  • Environmental Economics and Policy
  • Urban Planning and Development
  • Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Social Impact Assessment
  • Sustainable Of Agricultural Systems
  • Economics of Environmental Management
  • Process Modification for Pollution Prevention
  • Sustainable Development Approaches and Methods
  • Transport and Fate of Pollutants in the Environment
  • Technology and Design Education Educational Change
  • Green Construction and Sustainable Development
  • Leadership and Management Development
  • Descriptive Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
  • Vocational Education, Distance Education
  • Educational Administration and Evaluation
  • Creativity and Entrepreneurship at Schools
  • Regional Economics and Development Issues
  • Theory and Practice in English Language Teaching and Learning
  • English Language Teachers’ Training and Education
  • Studies in English Culture and Literature
  • Individual Learning & Team Learning
  • Social and Economic Development etc

American International Journal of Social Science Research currently has an acceptance rate of 15%. The average time between submission and final decision is 20 days and the average time between acceptance and publication is 30 days.


Author Guidelines

1. Authors must ensure that their papers are free of spelling and grammatical errors and typos.

2. Research papers should not exceed 8,000 words.

3. A separate title page of an article should contain the title of the paper, name(s) and affiliation(s) of the author(s).

4. The first page of an article should contain an abstract not exceeding 250 words and a maximum of eight keywords.

5. Equations in the text should be numbered consecutively using Arabic numerals within simple brackets and aligned against the right margin.

6. All appendices should be numbered consecutively using uppercase roman numerals and shown after the list of references.

7. References should be cited within the text as follows: According to Wickremasinghe (2005), foreign exchange market … These results are inconsistent with those of other studies (Perera, 1995; Silva, 2000)

8. List of references should show each citation in alphabetical order and follow the style of APA

9. Author should register with the journal before submitting manuscripts.

10. Page proofs will be sent to the corresponding author. The corrected manuscripts should be submitted, and the publication fee should be paid within 5 working days.



The publisher and journal have a policy of “Zero Tolerance on the Plagiarism”. We check the plagiarism issue through two methods: reviewer check and plagiarism prevention tool (

All submissions will be checked by turnitin before being sent to reviewers.

Keep a Similarity Index <30% and single source matches are not >6%