In an open-access model, we promise that readers don't pay the subscription fee to access online published articles. Authors or a supporting institution pay for the publication of the article. With the support of Article Processing Charges (APCs), permanently unrestricted online access to published articles is allowed and our business can be kept sustainable. Only some fundamental costs like peer-review process, typesetting and copy-editing, archiving, online production in various formats, abstracting and indexing services, and inclusion in CrossRef are covered. Hence, this journal is financed by Article Processing Charges (APCs). Articles submitted after July 05, 2021, will be online charged according to the following standard.

Article Processing Charges
100 USD
Hard Copy Regular Charge
Hard Copy Charge       : US$ 60 (One Copy) 
Hard Copy Charge       : US$ 100 (Two Copies)
Hard Copy Charge       : US$ 200 (Five Copies)
​Shipping Charge         : 
1. US$ 70 --- Fast Express (4-15 Business Day)
2. US$ 90 --- DHL/TNT (2-7 Business Day)
There are no other hidden extra charges.  
Payment can be made by International Dual Currency-Visa/Master/American Express/Union Pay Cards only and PayPal. Payment instructions will be notified by the editorial assistant after the acceptance of the paper.