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Best Paper(2018)
Price-Swinging Stock Market Fundamentals: Nexus and Contemporary Features Read More
Best Paper(2019)
Triangular Causality and Controlling Parallel Exchange Market Read More
Economic System and Environment: Co-Composting Effect of Prosopis Africana and Cow Dung Read More
Determinant of Private Sector Credit and Its Implication on Economic Growth in Nigeria: 2000-2017 Read More
Sayyid Mawdudi's Contribution towards Islamic Revivalism in the Contemporary Islamic Political thought Read More
Practices of Islamic Ethics in the Electronics Industry in Bangladesh: A Study on Minister Hi-Tech Park Electronics Ltd. Read More
Human Resource Accounting and Shareholders Wealth Maximization: Empirical Study of Nigeria Quoted Manufacturing Firms Read More
A Financial Model for Economic Analysis of Cement Factory Read More
Migration Analysis of Credit Risk in Tunisian Banking Sector Read More
An Empirical Evaluation on Performance of Organization through Human Resource Accounting (HRA): A Study on Selected Corporate Units of India Read More
Balance Scorecard Implementation Challenges in Institution of Higher Learning: Overview of Prior Studies Read More
Politics of Godfatherism and its Implication on Socio-Economic and Political Development of Nigeria Read More
Hedge Accounting and Market Value of Quoted Manufacturing Firms in Nigeria: Panel Data Evidence Read More
The Implementation of Balance Scorecard and Its Impact on Performance: Case of Universiti Utara Malaysia Read More
The Impact Analysis of Privatization and Shariah Screening on Financial Performance and Shares Return of State Owned Enterprises as the member of Jakarta Islamic Index Read More
Practice of Islamic Financial Management in Bangladesh: Evidence from Islamic Banks Read More
An Evaluation of the Effects of Brand Equity on Consumer Willingness to Pay Price Premium Read More
Factors Influencing Examination Cheating Behaviors by Consumers of Post-Primary Education in Enugu, Nigeria Read More
Debt-Growth Bond in Nigeria: Structural Break Analysis Read More
Collision of NPLs on the Financial Performance of Commercial Banks: A Case Study of Ethiopia Read More
Effect of Liquidity Risk, Premium Growth on the Performance of Quoted Insurance Firms in Nigeria: A Panel Data Analysis Read More
Poverty, Income Inequality and Growth in Bangladesh: Revisited Karl-Marx Read More
Effect of Entrepreneurial Networks on Family Business Development: A Conceptual Consideration Read More
Factors Inspiring the Emergence of Women Entrepreneurs in Sylhet City Read More
A Review on Design of Integrated Healthcare Model through Performance Excellence Methodologies Read More
Endometriosis Locations and Coexistence with other Uterine Conditions in a Bulgarian Sample of Patients Read More
The American National System of Corporate Governance Read More
Bank Information Disclosure, Financial Transparency and Corporate Governance in Rastin Banking Read More

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