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Research Topic: The Importance of the Shari’ah Supervisory Boards (SSBs) in the Islamic Banking System
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Shariah Supervisory Board (SSB) plays an important role in the Islamic banking system, and it has an important impact on their performance and stability. The study will concentrates on the banking system and on the SSBs as an important part of it. The study will aims at showing the impact of the SSBs on the Islamic bank stability. It also will reveals the importance to be Independent department in the implementation of its decisions. The study will be concluded that SSBs is a significant department in the Islamic bank like the other departments. The interference of it decision-making and management could adversely affect for the Islamic bank.
The SSB plays a role in educating workers in the IB through the patrol training courses in order to be legally qualified to accomplish their assigned work. In addition to the intervention in the resolution of disputes between the IB and others, whether the dispute is between the bank and investors or shareholders. Finally, the role in the testimony of the general assembly through the submission of an annual report that reflects the extent of the legality of the banks business
Probable Date of Completion: December 2019

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